How to get into Benagil cave? Get 3 local tips!

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The Benagil Sea Cave (Gruta de Benagil or Algar de Banagil) located in the Algarve, is one of the most recognizable, natural, tourist attractions not only in the Carvoeiro area but also in the entire Portugal.

In this article you will learn about how to get to the cave area, how to explore Benagil cave and what to see around. Continue reading for tips on how to get into Benagil cave.

Benagil Cave - a natural treasure of the Algarve

Benagil sea cave attracts more and more tourists every year. What makes it special is that the cave is only accessible from the ocean. Also inside, there is a beautiful, small beach.

The cave is impressive in size. There is a hole in the ceiling of the cave through which the sun shines in, illuminating rocks and golden sand and creating an amazing effect. 

You explore the on your own by renting kayak or board or by booking one of the guided tours. For getting great deals and making online reservations you can use Getyourguide portal here >>. 

How to get to Benagil cave area?

The sea cave is situated next to Praia Benagil beach and a fisherman village with the same name.

Getting to Praia de Benagil is easy if you have your own car. If, however, you do not rent a car, you can try to get to a nearby town Carvoeiro by public transport and from there take a taxi, Uber or Bolt.  

Where to park near Benagil Cave?

There is public parking available free of charge next to the restaurant O Litoral. You can leave your car there and walk down to the beach.

What to see around Benagil Cave?

How to get into Benagil Cave?

When planning a visit to Benagil Cave, it is also worth taking some time to get to know the area. Close to Benagil beach is the beautiful and picturesque Praia da Marinha beach, where the Sete Vales Suspensos hiking trail (Seven Hanging Valleys Trail) begins and goes all the way to Carvoeiro. It is worth combining these two attractions together and walking at least a part of the trail.

Benagil Cave is only accessible from the ocean. You can also see it through the opening in the ceiling if you are on the cliff top. However, there is no option to go down to its center from the cliffs. To explore the Benagil Cave you can use one of the options presented below.

1. Kayaking into Benagil cave

Top places for ocean kayaking in Algarve Benagil cave discovery guided kayak tour south Portugal

If you are confident with kayaking this can be a way to explore Benagil cave and spending some time on the beach inside. You have two options:

  • You can rent a kayak on the Benagil beach (cost 30 euro / 1.5 h / kayak) and go on your own (best if you have some experience as there can be waves and there are many boats passing by kayaks) or
  • Go on one of the organized kayaking trips with an experienced guide (cost 35 euro / person). You can book your tour online here.

One of the most recommended tours companies for kayaking into Benagil cave is Secret Algarve. You can book their tours directly here >>. 

Check another kayaking tours to Benagil caves from other locations below.

After you do the kayaking tour in Benagil cave, come to Sagres area to do a guided tour with us.

It will be great to have those two cave experiences together, one from very touristic spot and another from protect Costa Vincentina natural park. Check full description our our Praia da Ingrina caves kayaking tour here >>.

2. Paddleboarding into Benagil Cave

You can also explore the Benagil  on a SUP board. You can rent a SUP board on the beach or by booking online here >> .

3. Exploring Benagil cave by boat

Getting into Benagil cave in a boat with a tour

There are many organized tours departing from the main Algarve cities like Carvoeiro, Lagos, Portimão, Ferragudo, Albufeira and Vilamoura. The tours normally include as well exploring the coast and visiting other caves on the way. Some of the tours combine dolphin watch with Benagil cave experience.

Great portal to explore all the options and make the tour bookings is Getyourguide. Here are some great offers from main cities:

4. Swimming inside Benagil cave

As the cave is located relatively close to the beach (about 150 m), there are also people who  simply swim to the cave. It is definitely an option for those comfortable with swimming skills as there are a lot of motorboats or ships on the water, which may additionally interfere with this task. 

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