Top 6 Portuguese souvenirs to bring home from your trip

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Portugal is a country rich in culture, history, and beautiful landscapes. From the vibrant colors of the azulejos tiles to the rich flavors of traditional Portuguese cuisine, visitors to Portugal will find plenty to love and explore. But one of the best parts of traveling to Portugal is being able to bring a piece of the country home with you in the form of local souvenirs. Here are the top 6 Portuguese souvenirs that you should consider taking home with you.

1. Azulejos

Portuguese traditional azulejo tiles gift from Portugal

Portuguese azulejos are a unique form of decorative art that have been used in Portugal for centuries. Azulejos are ceramic tiles with painted designs, typically blue and white in color. They are often seen decorating the walls and floors of churches, palaces, and other historic buildings, but can also be seen in homes and cafes throughout Portugal. Azulejos have become part of the cultural identity of Portugal and have been used to tell stories, represent traditional Portuguese scenes, and even as a form of political and religious expression.You can bring a piece of this history home as a souvenir bought in local shops in Portugal.

If you didn’t manage to buy azulejos in Portugal, check the below store that ships tiles around the world.

2. Custard Tarts

Traditional portuguese pastel de nata custard tart

Pastéis de nata are traditional and worldwide famous Portuguese custard tarts made with flaky, buttery pastry and a creamy custard filling. These tarts are a popular dessert in Portugal, oftem served with caffee and you can find them in any pastry shop. Bring some home to enjoy a taste of Portugal with your friends and family. They make great and sweet portuguese souvenirs.

3. Cork products

Cork bags in local portuguese gift shop

Due to its abundance of cork oak forests, Portugal is one of the leading producers of cork products in the world. You can find a variety of cork products that make for great souvenirs.  Look for cork purses, cork wallets, cork jewelry, coasters, shoes and many more.

These products make great gifts and excellent Portuguese souvenirs, as they are unique and eco-friendly. Cork accessories are also vegan-friendly and very durable. They will be great and practical souvenirs. You can also buy some off the cork products online.

4. Portuguese olive oil

Portugal is well-known for its high-quality olive oils, and it’s easy to find bottles to take home with you. Whether you opt for a flavored variety or a traditional extra-virgin olive oil, you can’t go wrong. You can find high-quality olive oils in any grocery store, local farmers markets or in souvenir shops in Portugal. You can also buy olive oil at the airport and carry it on the airplane with you. These oils are perfect for cooking or as a gift for friends and family. Some of the popular Portuguese olive oil brands include CARM, Herdade do Esporão, Gallo and Oliveira da Serra

5. Portuguese wine

Portuguese vinho verde green vine Casal Garcia brand decorative bottles gift from Portugal

Portugal is home to a variety of delicious wines, and you can find them in any wine store or supermarket in Portugal. With numerous types of grapes grown in different climates, Portuguese wines offer a wide range of reds, whites, and rosés to suit any taste. From light and fruity to deep and full-bodied to sparkling and sweet, Portuguese wines offer something for everyone. 

Portugal is also known for its vinho verde – green wine. Vinho verde is a unique and delicious wine that has recently become popular among wine enthusiasts. Made from white grapes, this wine is green in color due to the fact that it is unripe and still contains a large amount of tannin, giving it a distinct flavor. Portuguese green wine is highly regarded for its fresh and fruity taste, with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. With its crisp and light texture, this wine is perfect for enjoying during summer days or with lighter meals. It is definitely worth bringing a bottle of vinho verde home from your trip.

6. Portuguese pottery

bordallo pinheiro strawberry decorative vase traditional ceramics from Portugal

Portuguese pottery is famous for its colors, beauty and craftsmanship. The Portuguese history of pottery making dates back to the 15th century. Many pieces feature geometric or floral motifs, while others are decorated with animals or mythological figures. The traditional pottery is painted in blue and white colors but you can also find pieces with colorful designs. The pottery is made from a variety of different clays, including red, white, yellow, and black. Portuguese pottery is popular with both locals and tourists alike, and is often used to decorate homes. Portugal’s most famous pottery brands are Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro. It makes a unique and beautiful Portuguese souvenirs.

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