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What is Ponta da Piedade in Lagos?

Ponta da Piedade is a wonder of nature and an absolute must see when you are in Lagos, Algarve. It is a set of different stunning rock formations, caves, arcs and narrow passages on the ocean. The cliffs are about 20 meters high and affected by erosion form beautiful rock sculptures. 

Ponta da Piedade is located about 10 minutes drive from the city center of Lagos. There is a lighthouse and a parking at the place. From there you can hike to the stairs that will take you down to the formaton.

You can also visit Ponta da Piedade by the ocean. There are number of different options available by boat, SUP or kayak. Check our Ponta da Piedade kayaking tour recommendation below!

Guided Ponta da Piedade kayaking tour in Lagos

The best way to explore and access all of the parts of Ponta da Piedade is by kayak. With kayak you can enter places that are not accessible by boat. Paddling on the ocean is also eco, fun and a great way to get rid of some calories.

Kayaking in Ponta da Piedade
Guided kayak tour exploring Ponta da Piedade in Lagos.


Whether you are already experienced with kayak or just starting your advanture, it is always best to take guided kayaking tour to Ponta da Piedade. Local, experienced guides will take care of your safety and tell you fun stories about the place.

We recommend taking the kayak tour to Ponta da Piedade with Ezride. The tour starts at Praia da Batata in Lagos and is about 3 hours long. During the tour you will go around rock formations and enter the caves. You will learn about the sealife and the cliffs.  There will be a pause at a  beautiful beach to relax, swim and try snorkle if you like. You will also get to see famous Camilo and Dona Ana beaches.

Sea kayaking guided tour exploring caves Lagos
Exploring Ponta da Piedade caves by kayak


Guided Ponta da Piedade kayaking tour in Lagos details:

Price: 35 euros/person.

Meeting point: Cais da Solaria next to the famous fortress at Praia da Batata in Lagos

What is included in the price:

– Tour of 2.5km
– Experienced guides
– Insurance
– Waterproof bag
– Going in and out of grottos
– Rest in a desert sand beach
– Snorkels
– Free individual lockers

Remember that in turist season tours sell out quick. Check the avaiability and make your reservation below.

Kayak tour Ponta de Piedade Lagos
Kayaking in Lagos Ponta de Piedade tour

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